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  Exciting things happening at Amazon

Game Changer

Late January, Amazon announced their new Kindle Print program. This makes it easy for people who have e-books to publish print books from the same account and same interface. No longer do you have to start a CreateSpace account and upload your book separately. This is a game changer. I'm playing catch-up here because this is brand new. As far as I know, other than the information on the Amazon site no books or courses are covering this change. If you want to read more on the Amazon Kindle site, you can find the information by clicking here.

It seems apparent that Amazon is phasing out CreateSpace, but for the time being, there are a few advantages of publishing through CS. However, if you don't need those particular advantages, you are probably better off going with Kindle print since it is likely that within a year or so, CreateSpace will be phased out.

Here's a comparison chart to help you decide:

Throughout this course when there are differences between CreateSpace and Kindle Print publishing arise, we will discuss both.

Shortly, I'll be posting a lesson on getting started with Kindle Print.

I trust you will enjoy this course. So, let's get Started