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Learning to write or improve your writing skills and advance your publishing career can be expensive. Professional writing courses can cost hundreds of dollars and, often, you don't even have contact with the instructor.

The Writing Academy is here for you. There's a saying among hackers that goes, "Information wants to be free." The same goes for education. I am fortunate in that I can offer my professional writing courses for free.

That's right absolutely, positively, check it out now - Free! You will have an opportunity to contribute to keeping this a free service, but not be bugged constantly. You will also see a few tasteful ads for my books and some other writing products. No third party ads about how to get rid of fat.

Just a quick introduction.I'm Terri Main, I published my first poem in a national magazine almost 50 years ago. Since then I have published magazine articles, short stories, radio and stage drama, video documentary scripts, novels, educational course materials, and nonfiction books. I have also taught writing for more than 40 years. If you are willing to learn, I can teach you how to write and publish what you write either traditionally or as an independent writer. With more than 60 titles published on Amazon, I can show you what it takes to become a published writer.

I've benefited from committed teachers, I hope to pass on what I have learned.