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Publishing Paperbacks on Amazon Just Got Easier - And We've Got You Covered

Late last year, Kindle Direct began experimenting with something called Kindle Direct Print. Well, this week they rolled it out for all of us. Make no mistake about it: This is a Game Changer In the past, if you wanted to publish both a paperback and an ebook, you had to have accounts with...


Dreams, Goals, and Plans

It's almost a New Year. Monday we will enter a week of transition. Businesses often call it "The Thirteenth Month" and have sales on stuff they couldn't sell during the Christmas sales rush. In many ways it does seem like a time of it's own. You have the cool down after the Christmas rush....


2017 Just Ahead

I just looked at the calendar. We have barely 13 days left in 2016. I just got used to writing that on my checks. Now, I have to learn another number. Wasn't it just yesterday we were watching fireworks explode behind the Eiffel Tower welcoming in the new millennium? But we are creeping close to...


Finding the time to Write - Even During the Holidays

One of the most frequently heard laments among writers is, "I don't have the time to write." While it is tempting (and true) to say, "You have as much time as Stephen King - 24 Hours a Day." I do understand the point. It is true that each of us have the same number of minutes per day to...


Discovering Your Own Learning Style

I'm going to tell you something that educational researchers have known for years, yet many, if not most, educators ignore. EVERYONE DOESN'T LEARN IN THE SAME WAY! This is not to blame teachers in the trenches. They often have 30+ students in a class, have a set curriculum that the school...